Birding Aboard


There are many ways to enjoy birding aboard. Begin by reading about birding from a cruising boat with the articles and blogs. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced birder, a coastal or offshore boater, make an effort to participate for some block of time during each transit or passage. How-to information, including downloads for kids aboard and rallies, is all included here.


Look here for articles on the Birding Aboard project, and for general-interest articles on birding from a cruising boat. Read More…


Tally sheets, camera and field guide resources, seabird cockpit primers, kids homeschooling material, rally captains’ bag material can all be downloaded here.

Species Seen

Birding Aboard participation has spanned over 100 degrees of latitude! — from the Northwest Passage at North 72º to South 58º on Antarctica’s Weddell Sea.