Birding Aboard

Advisory Board

Meet our Birding Aboard crew! A group of long-distance boaters who bird, and birders who boat. They hail from ports in Australia to the U.K., Caribbean to the U.S., and bring a wide range of talents and experience to help guide our SeaBC Sea Bird Count project.

Thanks to past advisors Brenda Free on Willow and Wendy Mitman Clarke on Osprey.

Diana Doyle on Semi-Local, Founder & Coordinator

Diana and her husband Mark wrote the cruising guide series, On the Water ChartGuides. She enjoys bird conservation projects such as CBCs and IBAs, writes for national birding and boating magazines, and from 2011-2017 was a Department Editor for American Birding Association’s Birding magazine. A USCG licensed captain and former mathematical social sciences professor, she and her husband cruised aboard and worked from their PDQ catamaran on the Atlantic coast between Canada and the Bahamas.

In Memoriam

Yvonne Katchor, Australia 31

Original Board Member

Beth Leonard on Hawk, Advisory Board

Beth has sailed more than 110,000 bluewater miles over the past two decades with her husband, Evans Starzinger, including two circumnavigations spanning Cape Horn to the Arctic. They have been honored by Seven Seas Cruising Association, Ocean Cruising Club, and Cruising Club of America. In addition to writing for magazines, including a column in Bluewater Sailing, Beth has written three books: Voyager’s Handbook, Following Seas, and Blue Horizons.

Katharine Lowrie on Lista Light, Advisory Board

Katharine and her husband David crossed from the U.K. to the Caribbean on their 1935 wooden ketch, then used their boat as a survey platform for a two-year Seabird Breeding Atlas of the Lesser Antilles. They’ve also surveyed seabirds and cetaceans off South America. In 2013 they embarked on a running/conservation adventure, making Katharine the first woman to run the length of South America. Katharine formerly worked as an ecologist for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Devi Sharp on Arctic Tern, Advisory Board

Devi and her husband Hunter cruised the Eastern Caribbean and Venezuela from 2006-2014. Devi spent her working career as a wildlife biologist, mostly for the U.S. National Park Service. Her passion has always been studying birds, and she helped design and implement a comprehensive monitoring project for Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska. Devi has authored several articles about seabirds for All At Sea magazine, as well as general interest nature articles for Caribbean Compass.

Charles Shipley on Tusen Takk II, Advisory Board

Chuck was a Professor of Computer Science until his retirement in 2005, when he and his wife Barbara sold everything and moved aboard their Kadey-Krogen 48 North Sea trawler. They started cruising the Caribbean in 2007, traveling as far north as Puerto Rico, as far south as the Macareo River in Venezuela’s Orinoco Delta, and as far west as Curacao. An avid amateur photographer, Chuck’s fish, bird, and travel articles and pictures have appeared in several boating magazines.

Jeanne Socrates on Nereida, Advisory Board

A former mathematics professor and RYA Ocean Yachtmaster, Jeanne holds the title of oldest woman to solo non-stop circumnavigate the world. At 70 she completed this 259-day, 25,000-mile feat in a 38-foot sailboat. Jeanne was awarded the Ocean Cruising Club’s Rose Medal in 2008 and the OCC Award in 2010. She enjoys watching the albatrosses, petrels, and prions that keep Nereida company. Before she took to the sea, she ran a youth ornithology club in West London.

Colin Speedie on Pèlerin, Advisory Board

Colin has worked for a wide variety of conservation organizations, including WWF-UK, Wildlife Trusts, Sea Watch Foundation, and Marine Conservation Society, working on shark, cetacean, and turtle programs. He and his wife have lived aboard since 2008, and have cruised the coast of West Africa and Brazil. He is a writer and photographer, runs the U.K.’s national marine ecotourism training project, and is the European Correspondent for the offshore sailing website Attainable Adventure.

Dorothy Wadlow on Joyant, Advisory Board

Dorothy and her husband Tom have been cruising aboard their Able Apogee Joyant since 1997. Their 70,000 sailing miles have included Alaska to Panama, Labrador to Trinidad, Svalbard to the Cape Verde Islands, and two transatlantics. Dorothy has held a USCG 100-ton Captain's License since 1999. She has been birding seriously for over 20 years, enjoying early morning birding during her watches. She and her husband were honored with The Cruising Club of America’s 2013 Far Horizons Award.